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Equine reproduction is a specialty at Granada Farms. Under the expert direction of Dr. Mark Nevill, D.V.M. and his staff, reproductive procedures have been performed with virtually every equine breed imaginable, from miniatures to drafts! A partial listing of services available include:



  • Ultrasonography

  • Embryo collection and transfers

  • Cooled and frozen semen shipment and insemination

  • Stallion collection training

  • Stallion semen evaluation

  • Foaling of mares by experienced foaling technicians, 24-hour care

  • Management of mares having reproductive procedure performed at Texas A&M University’s Theriogenology dept., such as, embryo vitrification (freezing) and oocyte aspiration and fertilization (ICSSI).

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.


Granada Farms yearling program is more than a typical “sales prep” regimen. Young minds and bodies are carefully and professionally developed so that each individual has a head start on the mental and physical challenges associated with breaking, training and performing. Every yearling is handled in the round pen using resistance free training methods resulting in a horse that is confident, mannerly and trainable. Results are indisputable as evidenced by some of our sale graduates!


Granada Farms offers high quality year ‘round care, for horses of all ages and classifications. Mares may be boarded in large, Bermuda grass pastures, in our roomy 14’ by 20’ private stalls or in half acre private paddocks. All horses are fed a 14% pelleted ration developed for us by Gary Potter, PhD., a leading equine nutritionist.

Additionally, horses receive alfalfa and coastal Bermuda hay as needed. Granada Farms also offers management of horses needing lay up time or rehab following surgery.

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